EA Update: We voted NO, together.


29 March 2021


Dear Members,

We are writing with an urgent update about the vote results regarding the NSW Governments’ proposal to roll over your EA for an insulting 0.3%.

We have just received word from our scrutineers, and the result is, as we expected, a stunning NO.


There were a total of 8012 votes for Sydney Trains, with 7033 NO votes (87%) against 979 YES votes.


And for NSW Trains, a total of 1394 votes were comprised of 1238 NO votes (89%) against a mere 156 YES votes.


RTBU Officials and Delegates told management that members would reject this attempt to kick bargaining down the road, and today have been proven right. RTBU members have sent a clear message to management and the NSW Government that we will NOT ROLLOVER, and we are ready to bargain.

Congratulations to every member who stood together and voted NO.

What happens next?

Management and the NSW Government have been reminded they are dealing with a unionised and united group of workers.  

We have worked through a global pandemic, bushfires, and floods, and together, we will demand that our work is valued, protected, and compensated.


Following the resounding NO Vote, the Combined Rail Unions will write to management and let them know we are ready to bargain. But before we get to the table, we want to hear from you about what you want your EA to be.  


In the coming days, we will launch a survey and specific website which will keep members updated throughout bargaining. We will use this survey to draft a Log of Claims that members will endorse before we get to the table.


This round of bargaining will be one of the hardest in our history, with the NSW Government desperate to force us to accept the pittance we have just rejected. Members demonstrated unity this week, and we will need to continue to stick together as we head into bargaining.

Congratulations to members who stood together and VOTED NO


This is our first win in what will be a long fight, and we will win again by standing together.


In Solidarity