we will bargain together

7 December 2021

Dear Members,


Since Wednesday last week, Shunters across the network have been standing up for each other and presenting to work in shorts to support their EA claim. Management have responded to this basic action by sending our Shunters home and not allowing them to work.

Today, the Shunters have agreed to a cease fire until Friday, 5pm, on the basis that Sydney Trains agree to conduct the same risk assessment process that was conducted for Train Crew and resulted in them being allowed to wear shorts.

We will see what comes of the risk assessment, but this result would not have been possible without the courage and solidarity of the Shunters, the support from Train Crew and members in the Rail Operations Centre. It is important that we remember that without solidarity from across the union, actions would not achieve outcomes.

Updated Industrial Action Calendar

It has been necessary to update a couple of the actions on our industrial action calendar. The “Work to Rule” action has been changed to 17 December 2021, and the “Ban on performing work where contractors are present” has been moved to 21 December 2021.

All other actions remain the same.

As always, you can find the calendar on the front page of our website, www.ourrightsourfight.com.au.

In Unity,

Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch
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Last modified: 07/12/2021