Have you had your say?

Dear Members

Thousands of RTBU members from both Sydney and NSW Trains have filled in our survey, letting their bargaining representatives know the important issues they want included in our log of claims when bargaining kicks off.

The survey is open until midnight tonight. This survey is your chance to let your representatives know the issues that you see as important to be protected for the term of the next Agreement. 

The Log of Claims will incorporate a core claim otherwise known as “Section 1” which will cover all employees covered by the agreements. There will also be claims developed that refer to specific sections in the Enterprise Agreement based on the work that you do. 

We have designed the survey to automatically connect you to your job’s relevant area when you enter your employer and role. 

If you do not know what is in your Enterprise Agreement, you can check out the Sydney Trains Enterprise Agreement 2018 before filling out the survey. It is vitally important that members know what collectively we are fighting to keep and what needs to be changed.


Sydney Trains EA Sections by area of work 


Sydney Trains Enterprise Agreement 2018


If you have any questions, please contact your Delegate or Organiser and make sure you let us know what you want to achieve in our upcoming negotiations.  Time is running out. Fill in the survey today. 

In Solidarity, 


RTBU EBA Campaign 2021

Authorised by Alex Claassens – Secretary RTBU NSW 

Last modified: 07/05/2021