13 September 2021

Dear Members,

Our industrial action has started as part of our bargaining campaign, and it’s been great to see so many members getting involved.

Last week, train drivers blew whistles when leaving stations and there was a 24-hour ban on cleaning graffiti. Members can now speak to the public and the media about the actions we are taking and why we are taking them.

This week we have another big week starting with the following planned actions.

We will be wearing our Union Gear proud all week from Sunday 12 September until Saturday 18 September. If you’d like to order a union t-shirt please contact your Local Delegate or Organiser. You can also wear any other union gear you may have from previous years or actions (badges, shirts, hats etc). We will also be sending out stickers and badges progressively to workplaces.

From today, 13 September, we will all be attaching our campaign messages to our emails and changing out MS Teams background photos. You can download all our campaign messages for use on our website here: https://www.ourrightsourfight.com.au/resources

Or, you can copy and paste one of the images below and add it to your email signature.

This may seem like a simple action, but it is one that builds solidarity across the network as we gear up for 28 September 2021. The more visibly united we are, the more we make the bosses nervous.

On Tuesday 14 September station staff will be performing their duties sitting down.

There may be other localised events so please stay in touch with your Delegate or RTBU Organiser.

Congratulations on all the hard work during the campaign so far. Standing together and supporting each other is how we win.

In solidarity,


Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch

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Last modified: 14/09/2021