Since January, your EA Delegates have been preparing to bargain for the NSW Trains and Sydney Trains Enterprise Agreements. Management at both organisations have been trying to avoid sitting down and negotiating with your EA Delegates ever since.

First, they tried to force members to accept a measly 0.3% which members resoundingly rejected. Then, after trying to avoid bargaining, they pulled a trick straight from the Union-busting playbook and insisted on trying to split your EA team and force us to bargain at different times and at different locations.

Despite numerous requests and a range of meetings to attempt to progress negotiations, all we have gotten from management is a range of motherhood statements and continued attempts to avoid attending a meeting with your entire EA team and bargaining together.

We were left with little option but to apply to the Fair Work Commission for a Protected Action Ballot Order and despite NSW Trains and Sydney Trains throwing over $100,000* of taxpayers’ money away trying to fight it, we won!

How to vote

We have engaged an online voting provider to make sure that when the vote gets up we can have the results and move to action quickly

You will receive voting details from CIVS which will give you a unique login and pin. This will be sent both your personal and work email if both emails are on record. You should also receive an SMS.

Vote Yes in every box.

Voting opens on Monday 16th of August at 0900

Voting closes on Monday the 30th of August at 1200 (midday).

All employees who:

  • Will be covered by the proposed enterprise agreement (Either the NSW Train Link or Sydney Trains EBA)
  • Were represented by a bargaining representative who applied for the ballot order and,
  • Are included in the group of employees specified in the ballot order.

Industrial action is authorised by a ballot if:

  • At least 50% of those on the voting roll participated in the ballot, and
  • More than 50% of votes cast were in favour of the industrial action

This is why it’s so important to encourage your workmates to vote as well as voting yourself.

When a ballot is successful, we can then take protected industrial action.

All employees can vote on the Protected Action Ballot Order but only RTBU members can take protected industrial action.

Simply put, no vote means no protected action.

As NSW Trains and Sydney Trains have shown, they are not willing to sit down with us and bargain fairly. We need to take action to demand the respect we deserve and stop the stalling games both NSW Trains and Sydney Games are playing.

Yes. We have engaged the online voting provider and the voting provider also has a contract with us to keep everything confidential.

Contact CIVS on 1300 798 994 (11am – 7pm)

CiVS (the online voting provider) will let the parties know the outcome of the vote as soon as is reasonably practicable after voting closes. We will let members know the outcome and be in touch about next steps soon after.


Ask them to join their union. Remind them that if they want to participate in the action, they need to be union members.