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Protected Action Ballot

23 June 2021

Dear Members,

On Monday, we filed a protection action ballot order for Sydney and NSW Trains. Delegates deemed this as a necessary step to further our claim that both organisations bargain together.

A protection action ballot order is just the first step. It is simply asking members whether they would be willing to take industrial action to further their claims during bargaining.

On Tuesday, the Fair Work Commission sent correspondence to Sydney and NSW Trains asking whether they opposed our application.

This morning, both Sydney and NSW Trains have engaged expensive law firms (in the case of NSW Trains – very expensive) and have told the Commission that they do not want to allow you a vote on whether you want to take industrial action.

All members remember that they used this same strategy on the last occasion by “lawyering up” and complaining to the Fair Work Commission. It is disappointing that both organisations are again trying to deny their employees the right to properly bargain and have their democratic say in the process.

It is insulting that Sydney and NSW Trains saw it as fair to offer members 0.3% earlier this year, but think that it’s okay to spend taxpayer’s money on overpaid lawyers to deny you all the fundamental right to simply vote on whether you are willing to take industrial action!

We’ll fight this unconscionable move this time, and we’ll fight it every time.

We are meeting with NSW Trains tomorrow where we will reiterate our claim for a single enterprise agreement covering both organisations.

Remember if you haven’t done so already, to update your details so that when the protected action ballot does take place, you can have your say. You can update your details here: https://rtbuexpress.com.au/update-your-details

Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch

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Last modified: 29/06/2021