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NSW Trains Bargaining Meeting #1

24 June 2021

Dear Members,

This morning, 24 June 2021, your union met with NSW Trains for our first bargaining meeting. The meeting was supposed to be in Newcastle, but unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, it was held through MS Teams. Your delegates were together in meeting rooms in both Newcastle and Sydney and have put to NSW Trains that future meetings need to be in person.

The Combined Rail Unions put forward, once again, our claim that NSW Trains and Sydney Trains bargain together for a single enterprise agreement. Despite the propaganda of management, breaking up the rail entities into two parts only seeks to divide us and weaken us – and they know that. It’s not about “giving employees more of a voice” or “making sure that we’re not drowned out in the bargaining process”. It’s about division and tearing down the structures that have helped us make such significant gains in the past.

We need to stay united, as together we are stronger.

Given the threshold nature of the claim, there were no other claims discussed at the meeting today. This is because during bargaining, there needs to be a clear scope on who is actually bargaining before negotiations can properly begin.

We also discussed NSW Trains’ opposition to the protected action ballot filed on Monday afternoon. NSW Trains have engaged an expensive, multinational, union busting law firm to attempt to once again deprive you of your fundamental right to take industrial action to pursue your claims. Although it is unsurprising that NSW Trains have chosen to take this path, all members and the community should be outraged at the waste of taxpayers money for such an unconscionable cause.

In reality, what this shows is that NSW Trains is scared to fight members on the ground.

They are afraid of what we may be able to achieve if we are united and allowed our human right to take industrial action.

NSW Trains will formally respond to our claim for a single enterprise agreement in writing.

We anticipate that the answer will again be no, but we’ll keep members up to date as that unfolds.

Remember if you haven’t done so already, to update your details so that when the protected action ballot does take place, you can have your say.

You can update your details here: https://rtbuexpress.com.au/update-your-details

In Determination,


Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch

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Sydney NSW 2000
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Last modified: 29/06/2021