we will bargain together

1 October 2021

Dear Members,

On Thursday, 30 September, we presented to NSW Trains the CRU’s claims on job security and maintaining the Redundancy Deed, which we know are two very important issues for many members.

What we put forward included:

  1. Maintaining the Deed by incorporating it into the EA.
  2. Employees who are subject to Termination on Medical Advice (TOMA) Policy:
    1. to be priority assessed for vacant positions
    2. to have better redeployment processes
    3. to be provided with all medical information the employer is relying on
    4. to have the option of returning to their original job if they become fit down the track, and have medical expenses paid by the employer
  3. Staff review process to be subject to a balanced review panel: 1 union, 1 employer and 1 independent.
  4. No external advertising to fill any vacancy until all displaced employees are placed in positions across both Sydney and NSW Trains.
  5. Contractors who perform roles and functions covered by the EA will be paid and treated the same as direct hire employees.
  6. The ability to convert contractors to permanent employees after 3 months service.

Since that meeting, NSW Trains have sent an email to members stating “the current EA is holding us back”. This is a coded dummy spit by management not able to get their own way under the current EA.

They also tried to say that while the unions are an important part of the process, it’s ultimately the employees who vote on the EA. What they fail to recognise is that their employees are the union. Ultimately, it will be members of the unions that determine if the EA is voted up.

And contrary to what NSW Trains says about participating in industrial action, it is vitally important that all members participate in every action they can. Nonsense about being “respectful” and action being “unfairly burdensome” is simply a management tactic to divide us.

Sydney Trains were a no-show again!

Just a reminder that the meeting about job security and maintaining your Deed is the same one that Sydney Trains ran away from last Wednesday when they cancelled our meeting.

We invited them to the Thursday’s meeting, but they were no-shows again,

These are such important issues for union members. This again shows the disrespect Sydney Trains has for your delegates and members.

No answer to union claims yet

NSW Trains are yet to respond to any of your claims, even though we have put forward important claims over the last few weeks relating to work health and safety and leave matters.

NSW Trains position has been that they will not respond to any of your claims until the full log is explained in the meetings. It’s important to us those negotiations proceed expeditiously so we have asked them to provide their responses to our claims before the next meeting.

Strike and Timesheets

On Thursday 30 September 2021, Sydney Trains members received an email from management asking them to take a long list of steps to advise them if you took industrial action or not.

You do not need to inform them that you have taken industrial action.

The most important thing is to fill in your timesheet accurately and not put the hours that you were on strike as time worked.

For further information and advice, please contact your union organiser.

Industrial Action to Demand Respect Continues!

Congratulations to all union members who were on strike on Tuesday. Your solidarity is what made it such a success. Union members across the state turned out in droves. We should all be proud of ourselves.

And the fight continues! Stay tuned for upcoming actions in your area.

You should participate in industrial action to demand a fair and reasonable enterprise agreement which shows you the respect you deserve!

The CRU will continue to provide you with regular, truthful, and concise updates on the bargaining process. If you would like further information, please contact your union.

In unity,


Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch

Level 4, 321 Pitt Street,
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 92642511
Fax: (02) 92611342

Last modified: 01/10/2021