we will bargain together

17 September 2021

Dear Members,

The CRU has, in the last few meetings, continued to bargain in good faith with NSW Trains and Sydney Trains. On Wednesday, we met with NSW Trains. Once again, disappointingly, Sydney Trains did not turn up despite an invitation from the CRU to do so.

On Wednesday we presented the CRU’s claims for improved leave conditions on exactly the same terms as we did the week before with Sydney Trains. To refresh your memory, this is what we put forward:

  1. Access to 26 weeks paid parental leave for any primary carer, regardless of gender.
  2. Superannuation will be paid for all time spent on parental leave.
  3. Critical Incident Leave for all employees including exposure to a traumatic incident or a near miss.
  4. Remove the requirement for shift workers to provide medical certificates for sick leave that adjoins public holidays.
  5. Carers leave clause to include access to leave for scheduled and elective surgery.
  6. Definition for carers leave and Compassionate and Bereavement leave expanded to include “significant person” in recognition of the broad range of close relationships that are important to members.
  7. 50% of sick leave balance to be paid out on resignation, retirement, or termination on termination on medical advice (compensable injury) after 10 years’ service.
  8. Sick leave days will count as shifts for the purpose of overtime payments.
  9. Carers leave for the purpose of sickness in family to be accessed without a medical certificate.
  10. Increase “special purpose” annual leave accrual from 40 days to 50 days for employees, and from 50 days to 60 days for shift workers.
  11. Annual leave loading entitlement for shift workers to include the obligation to pay 20% leave loading or normal roster with penalties, whichever is higher.
  12. The Agreement will specify that Employers pay superannuation on leave loading.
  13. All Employees will be entitled to accrue public holidays if the day falls on their rostered day off or book off day.
  14. Shift workers will accumulate up to 12 public holidays. Any holidays thereafter will be paid out.
  15. Any additional gazetted public holiday will be added to the Agreement.
  16. Increase amount of Compassionate and Bereavement leave to 5 days per occasion.
  17. Increase accrual limit to 12 ADOs in a calendar year
  18. Employers to not refuse reasonable requests to take blocks of ADOs.
  19. Recognition of service for the purpose of Long Service Leave in like-for-like occupations, for example, same trade discipline or train driver from different company.

Disappointingly, NSW Trains came to the meeting without any proposals or responses to our work health and safety claims put forward during the last meeting. We are expecting to receive more detail about their claim to add a new section to the EA for customer service staff, but we are yet to receive it.

Next Wednesday we have another meeting with Sydney Trains and we have invited NSW Trains to attend.

Industrial Action to Demand Respect!

While NSW Trains and Sydney Trains continue their shenanigans, we are not waiting around for them to come to the table. We have begun and will continue to increase our campaign of industrial action.

Your participation in industrial action will send a message to NSW Trains and Sydney Trains to say that you demand a fair and reasonable enterprise agreement which shows you the respect you deserve!

We’ve prepared a quick comparison of where bargaining is currently at. There are obviously more details, but this a good snapshot to speak about in the workplace.

We’ll continue to provide you with regular, truthful, and concise updates on the bargaining process. If you would like further information, please contact your EA delegate or Organiser.

In unity,


Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch

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