we will bargain together

21 February 2022

Dear Members,

Today we were in the Fair Work Commission again after the NSW Government reneged on their deal from Saturday. The Government is trying to press forward to suspend our industrial action, just like they did in 2018.

The Fair Work Commission has adjourned the case and will hold a hearing on Wednesday at 1100hrs.

However, we have just been advised that Sydney Trains and NSW Trains have decided to resume running services on Tuesday.

All our bans remain in place, and Sydney Trains and NSW Trains are recommencing services by signing on Train Crew and placing them on stand-by and then allocating work within their sign on and off times, ensuring that they meet their diagram/schedule requirements.

Essentially, Crew will work as if they are on standby.

We have said all along that the NSW Government could run services with our bans in place, and we are pleased that they have finally listened. Services may be disjointed, but at least there will be trains moving again.

All members should present to work as they did today – at the sign on time in the published schedule book.

Members today were subjected to some fairly vial name calling and political attacks.

Congratulations to every member for their professionalism in the face of these attacks.

We’re taking this situation day by day until the Fair Work Commission decides the NSW Government’s case to suspend our industrial action on Wednesday.

In Unity,


Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch

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Last modified: 22/02/2022