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24 June 2022

Dear members,

We had hoped to be able to update you today on the latest meeting with transport officials and the Ministers today, but unfortunately the NSW Government has again failed to deliver on its commitments.

Late last night we received word that today’s meeting with the Ministers was cancelled because they ‘were no longer available’.

This is obviously incredibly disappointing – especially considering we were told the

Expenditure Review Committee (ERC) would be reviewing our claims prior to the budget; then when that didn’t happen, we were told we’d get an update after the budget.

The budget has been and gone. Today was the government’s opportunity to tick off our claims and the safety modifications to the NIF, but again, our important issues seem to be getting pushed further and further down the road.

State Budget – NIF line item

One of the major issues we were hoping to get an update on today was the mysterious line item relating to the NIF that appeared in Tuesday’s budget.

Hidden among the transport announcements was a line that said:

$296.8 million in capital expenditure ($652.2 million over four years) to continue delivery of the Mariyung Fleet (New Intercity Fleet).

What exactly that nearly $300million is set to be used for is a mystery – one which we had hoped to get clarity on in the meeting with transport officials and the Ministers this morning.

Consistency and transparency from the NSW Government around the New InterCity Fleet has been poor at best. We need to see all the details of how exactly the money allocated in the budget is going to be spent before we can read too much into it at all.

Of course, it would be fantastic if the money was set aside to deal with the significant safety issues members have been raising, but until we see the detail we cannot assume anything.

Actions escalating next week

Over the past two weeks, we have recommenced industrial action against Sydney and NSW Trains. The action has started and is already having an impact on operations. We had hoped that the NSW Government would do the right thing today.

It’s now abundantly clear (if it wasn’t before) that the Government has no intention of acting in good faith, at any stage. The lack of respect is astounding, and as a result we need to escalate our action.

In addition to the ongoing ban on cleaning up hazardous waste and the infrastructure bans, the following additional actions will come into play:

Tuesday 28 June

  • Train crew go slow (24hrs). Regional services slowed to 60km/hr in the metropolitan area only
  • Ban on authorising additional work on track for LPA (7 days)
  • Ban on ASB for routine maintenance (7days)
  • Wednesday 29 June
  • Indefinite ban on members moving back to the ROC

Thursday 30 June

  • Ban on drivers travelling passenger (24hrs)
  • Ban on creating non-safety critical REMS (4 weeks)
  • Ban on transpositions (indefinite, excludes infrastructure and workshops)
  • Ban on work associated with Sydney Metro (indefinite)
  • Friday 1 July
  • Ban on operating 4GT rolling stock (24hrs) – meaning no privately or foreign made trains will run.

Of course these actions will have some impact on running the timetable – a situation that the NSW Government could have easily avoided.

We’ve put together a new industrial action calendar for members to proudly display in the workplace and to assist everyone in keeping up with the actions on foot. You can grab a copy of the calendar at www.ourrightsourfight.com.au.

As always, if you have any queries about the upcoming actions or anything else relating to the negotiations, please don’t hesitate to speak to your local delegate or your organiser.

Members have shown true commitment and unity in the fight to get what we – and commuters – deserve. Together we win.

In Unity,




Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch

Level 4, 321 Pitt Street,

Sydney NSW 2000

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Last modified: 27/06/2022