23 February 2022

Dear Members,

On Monday, when the Government made the decision to shut the network down, members across the State were left in the lurch with no information. We got through it because we had each other. After all, we are union.

However, some members copped significant abuse once the politicians started laying the blame at our feet. CSAs on stations, Crew at depots or on stations waiting to operate trains, Station cleaners just going about their duties, were subject to some vile abuse that nobody deserved. We were labelled “terrorists” and “cowards” by the Transport Minister himself.

The Premier told the entire state to “make no mistake” that our union had made a ”coordinated attack”  at the expense of the people of NSW. Even Scott Morrison got in on the action accusing us all on the national stage of “pulling the rug” from under the feet of the people of NSW and “carrying on” to deliberately cause disruption to the community.

It’s now Wednesday, and although the trains are back up and running (in a limited way), we have not received an apology from any of these deceptive politicians for the abuse and vitriol we were subjected to unjustly on Monday.

Ray Hadley on 2GB was out this morning demanding that the union be provided with an apology, as well as the travelling public. That is the least we deserve.

We also still haven’t seen the “risk assessment” that was used as the excuse to shut the network down in the earlier hours of Monday morning. Remember that us issuing a subpoena for that document and its metadata caused the Government to withdraw its case in the FWC.

Various media outlets are saying that they have the document. It is incumbent on the Government to produce this risk assessment to us and they should do so without delay.

Remember only weeks ago, the Transport Minister made a commitment to our union that we would be involved in every risk assessment performed by Sydney Trains, NSW Trains, or Transport for NSW.

Well, we certainly weren’t involved in this one.

What is the Government hiding by not producing this risk assessment? We will continue to call for its production and will do everything we can to get it.

In Unity,




Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch

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Sydney NSW 2000
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Last modified: 25/02/2022