Sydney Trains’ attack on our rights and conditions is why we fight! 

Your EA bargaining team and delegates are fighting Sydney Trains to keep hard won conditions of employment that Sydney Trains is seeking to change for a measly 0.3%. 

Sydney Trains have been slowly putting out “initiatives” they are proposing to change the conditions that we currently enjoy. We still have little detail despite repeatedly asking for it and all we can assume is that they want to keep us in the dark. 

We’ve analysed what we know from bargaining so far: 

Rostering “Initiative” 

This could mean: 

  • No maximum on the number of night shifts (management could roster you on permanent night shifts). 
  • No limit to weekend work (you could be rostered every weekend). 
  • Removal of consultation provisions for rostering into a policy document (which Sydney Trains can change at any time without your agreement). 
  • No minimum shift length (could roster 4 or 5 hour shifts to fit window possessions). 
  • No roster protections at all (roster whenever and wherever they want and not consult with you). 
  • No consideration of work life balance. 
  • Start and finish you on site (tell you to work outside your home depot boundary if they want). 
  • Changes to living away from home provisions (cuts to payments and meal allowances). 

Management at Sydney trains want you to be more “flexible”. In reality, what this means is giving up all your hard-earned rostering rights from the Enterprise Agreement and allowing them to do what they want, when they want. 2 

WGL and Team Leader recognition 

Sydney Trains do not want to recognise that our work group leader and team leader roles and accountabilities have changed. 

They do not agree that these employees deserve a pay raise for their hard work. 

The RTBU will not wear this without a fight. That is why we have a claim to ensure that this is part of the new enterprise agreement. 


Sydney Trains do NOT want to have to consult with you about changes to your conditions – don’t be fooled, what they want is the ability to change your roster, PD and everything about your working conditions without having to ask you first. 

Deed (Redundancy provisions) 

RTBU Delegates and members fought hard to keep a redundancy provision in the Enterprise Agreement over many years so if our members were made redundant or forced into redundancy, they would get a fair deal for their years of service. Without the Deed, you could be entitled to the minimum which is as little as 12 weeks’ pay after 10 years’ service if you are made redundant. Currently you’re entitled to up to 64 weeks. 

Sydney Trains wants to abolish the deed. 

We will not accept this outrageous position by Sydney Trains. Members have every right to be angry. 

Position Description Changes 

We all saw how Sydney Trains used sneaky tactics earlier this year when they tried to alter some PDs in Infrastructure. Multiple disputes were lodged by affected members who were outraged at this underhanded management style. 

Sydney Trains has told us at the bargaining table that they want to be able to change your PD at the drop of a hat with no consultation. It would allow them to: 

  • Add extra duties for you to perform. 
  • Make you take on Protection Officer qualifications. 
  • Alter the types of work you have to do. 

And not offer you a cent for the extra work. 3 

Termination on Medical Advice (TOMA) 

In an utterly disgraceful move, Sydney Trains want to change your conditions if you are found temporarily unfit for work for whatever reason. Sydney Trains want to stop paying injured workers their wage and instead just cover their medical costs. 

Why are we taking action? 

The blatant attacks on our rights and conditions that are set out above is why we are all taking protected industrial action. We need to defend our terms and conditions that the bosses want to steal from us. 

Remember in the most trying circumstances that have ever been seen in this country, through bushfires, floods, and pandemics; Infrastructure workers turned up to work and kept NSW moving. 

You put your health and your loved one’s health at risk so people and freight could still move through NSW. While we kept this state running, the bosses sat at home and got paid. 

An attack on our hard-won rights and conditions is all the thanks we get! 

This is why we fight! 

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Issued By: Authorised By: 

Wayne Moody Alex Claassens 

Organiser Branch Secretary 

Last modified: 20/09/2021