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24 September 2021

Dear Members,

Sydney Trains has made some assertions about what has to be done if they are taking protected industrial action.

Sydney Trains said:

If you…choose to take protected industrial action in the form of a work stoppage, then you will need to notify your line manager and rostering officer of the time you took the action. If you use a manual timesheet, you will need to note the time you took the action on your timesheet.”

As members, the Union notifies Sydney Trains that you are taking industrial action well in advance of the action as required by the law. To avoid any confusion, you do not have to notify your manager before the action takes place.

The same goes for employees who use “Equip”. There is absolutely no obligation for you to email payroll in advance with an email stating “Strike Notification” or any of the details Sydney Trains have stated. Once again, the notification is done by the Union well in advance of the action.

It’s hard to say whether this communication was intended to scare members, confuse members, or was just Sydney Trains being lazy.

We encourage all members to not notify Sydney Trains about taking industrial action. When you report your hours worked, you obviously should not include the time you were on strike as time worked.

However, Sydney Trains is right about one thing. You can only take industrial action if you are a member, so make sure anyone who isn’t a member and wants to take action joins the union ASAP.

In Unity,


Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch

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Last modified: 25/09/2021