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EA Update: Vote to take action – Kicks off on Monday

13 August 2021

Dear Members,

Very soon after our win in the Fair Work Commissions you will be able to vote on whether you are willing to engage in protected industrial action! We now get to flex our muscles as the real fight begins.

We have engaged an online voting agency CIVs who have signed a non-disclosure agreement and will run the vote.  By working with this agency, we can speed up the process and move to action more quickly.

On Friday some members received an SMS or email from the provider which mistakenly referred to members at Sydney Trains as “NSW Trainlink” employees. This was an error and CIVS will issue a correction shortly. These notices are being sent out progressively over the coming days so keep an eye on your inbox and mobile phone.

To be really clear every member who receives the PABO details is eligible to vote to take action across both NSW Trains and Sydney Trains.

Below is the timeline for next steps:

Friday 13th August: Voting roll closes. Both the union and the employers will have sent their lists of eligible voters to CiVs

After this CIVs will send a notice to employees via email to both your work and personal address which will include a copy of the Protected Action Ballot Order.

This is purely for your information you will not be able to vote yes to take action until the voting opens. 

Monday 16th August (0900): Voting opens. CiVS emails unique login details to eligible voters prior to the vote opening. SMS is sent to eligible voters.

At this point you can login and vote yes in every box. 

Monday 16th-Monday 30th: Members cast their vote. Remember to vote yes in every box.

Monday 30th August (1200): Ballot closes. CiVS sends the results to the parties. You can no longer vote after noon on the 30th of August.

When is a ballot successful?

Industrial action is then authorised if:

  • At least 50% of those on the voting roll participated in the ballot, and 
  • More than 50% of votes cast were in favour of the industrial action

This is why it’s so important to encourage your workmates to vote yes in every box as well as voting yourself.

While NSW Trains and Sydney Trains have tried everything to be obstructive during bargaining, taking solid collective action is our opportunity to force management to take this round of bargaining seriously.

As members, we are standing up for respect. We fight together, we win together.

In Solidarity,


Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch
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Last modified: 13/08/2021