EA Update: Management on Tour

19 March 2021

Dear Members,

Members have informed their Union that managers have been in workplaces trying to convince them to support their proposal to roll over their agreement for a measly 0.3% pay increase.

They are trying to convince you to give up your bargaining rights for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. While the management team is trying to sell the NSW Governments’ agenda, we need to ask management questions to hold them to account. They will say that the NSW Government is broke and that members should accept this offer due to “financial constraints”.

They have even stooped to including a message on your payslip trying to convince you to accept 0.3%.  Make sure you question them and send a clear message that their sales pitch does not convince any of you.

Some key questions you might want to ask management. 

  1. The Transport Secretary was recently reported as being paid out $837,000 when he left the role. Where were the “financial constraints” then?
  2. Last year, at the height of the pandemic, the head of Transport received a 5% pay rise to take his salary to $599,000. Why are you asking us to take a 0.3% pay rise now?
  3. I read that inflation is currently running at over 4%. Why does Sydney Trains and NSW Trains think that it is reasonable that I accept a pay offer that will put me behind in terms of the cost of living?
  4. If the vote is a “NO” will Sydney Trains start bargaining with us for a new enterprise agreement?

94% of Members surveyed told the RTBU they would vote NO. Make sure your management gets this message loud and clear.

Stick together, ask questions, and send a clear message to management that you will NOT support their proposal.

In solidarity,

Last modified: 01/04/2021