we will bargain together

12 January 2022

Dear Members,

Today we recommenced bargaining with Sydney Trains and NSW Trains for the first time this year to continue our fight for a new agreement. It was agreed by both sides that this week’s meetings would be used to push hard toward finalising as many core conditions in Section 1 as possible.

Section 1 Review

The purpose of today’s meeting was to work through the wording of proposed new clauses in the enterprise agreement arising out of our claims and conclude existing clauses that do not require any changes. Our hope is that once this process is concluded, a document will begin to take shape, and the claims and clauses left to fight about will be clear to all members.

However, consistent with past bargaining by the employers, the majority of your claims continued to be rejected. Significant areas where management are continuing to refuse to even negotiate around are:

  • Inclusion of existing conditions currently applied through custom and practice
  • Clause 12 facilitation of change claims
  • Improving the disputes resolution clause
  • Our claim for one agreement
  • Improved conditions for part time employees

It is all too familiar to many members out there that unless a right is enshrined in writing, management will try anything to weasel out of it. Reneging on agreements seems to be an all too common occurrence. Throughout these negotiations, management have repeatedly said that they would be willing to place rights into policy, or refer them to consultation bodies for consideration. Experience tells us that this does not work, and we will be pushing for rights to be included within the agreement – putting it beyond doubt!

Your delegates continue to fight for members interests and a fair deal. Stay tuned for the next update!

In Unity,


Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch

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