6 November 2021

Dear Members,

Yesterday we entered day 7 of this period of negotiation with Sydney Trains and NSW Trains.

There is significant progress being made, and we hope to have their full position on our log by Thursday next week. We spent yesterday hearing responses to our claims about:

  • Preferring full time staff over part timers on Stations
  • Mandating meal breaks for CSAs
  • Allowances for cleaners
  • Paying station cleaners at CSA 1 rates
  • Right to disconnect
  • Parental leave claims
  • Sick, carers, and bereavement leave claims
  • Allowing employees to accrue more public holidays and ADOs
  • Long Service Leave portability
  • R U Ok days
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment
  • Working from home

Once again, most of our claims on the agenda for yesterday’s meeting were rejected by Sydney Trains and NSW Trains management outright. This is disappointing, but not surprising. In most negotiations, employers like to say no to everything upfront in an effort to have workers settle for less. This tactic is laid bare when management are asked the reason for their rejections and the silence that follows is deafening. Your delegates are awake to this tactic.

Notwithstanding, the following items received full or partial agreement:

  1. The entitlement to a meal break for Station Staff to be included in the agreement.
  2. Insert allowances into the agreement for cleaners.
  3. A raft of beneficial changes to parental leave entitlements.
  4. Five days of miscarriage leave.
  5. Carers leave to include scheduled and elective surgery (at this stage only NSW Trains has agreed to this, Sydney Trains are still considering it).

We’ve included the below table once again to provide a snapshot of each claim that was covered on Friday. The claims listed in the “Claim” column can be found here. Remember you can stay up to date with everything happening in the EA campaign at www.ourrightsourfight.com.au.

In unity,


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