3 November 2021

Dear Members,

Today your EA delegates listened to Sydney Trains and NSW Trains provide responses to our claims concerning:

  • Privatisation
  • Redundancy and the Deed
  • Clauses that have been rendered invalid by Courts or Tribunals
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Consultation
  • Termination on Medical Advice
  • Custom and Practices being enshrined in the Agreement

Today was the first day during bargaining that we’ve heard responses to our claims from both rail entities. We hope to hear more in coming days.

Disappointingly most of our claims on the agenda for today’s meeting were rejected by Sydney Trains and NSW Trains management outright. However, the following items received full or partial agreement with a commitment to iron out the detail:

  1. Redeployment and Redundancy provisions in the deed are to remain with scope for minor improvements (claim 5);
  2. Change of the name “Termination On Medical Advice” to “Retirement On Medical Advice” to reflect the nature and intention of the process and other small amendments around medical terminations; (claim 4.1.2)
  3. Improved wording around the meaning of “Status Quo” to be included in the dispute settlement procedure (claim 9.2.2); and
  4. Union inductions for contractors arriving on site to be facilitated by management (claim 4.4).

We’ve developed a table below further outlining the responses to our claims.

Your delegates continue to bargain to secure the most positive outcome to improve the lives of members who continue to serve our community as the state of NSW reopens. Our meeting tomorrow will focus on Customer Operations.

In unity,


Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch

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Sydney NSW 2000
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Last modified: 05/11/2021