It’s time to force Sydney and NSW Trains to the Bargaining Table

8 May 2021

Dear Members,

It has become increasingly apparent that Sydney and NSW Trains are not keen on bargaining with you for a new enterprise agreement.

First, they tried to force through an extension to the existing agreements without any bargaining for a measly 0.3% increase. That was defeated by a whopping 90% of employees across both organisations. Then they refused to agree to bargain at a pre-bargaining meeting earlier this week, despite the Combined Unions demanding an immediate commencement.

Then in the latest development, NSW Trains has decided to sue its own workforce in the Federal Court so that it can force its unsafe NIF train onto the tracks without having to reach agreement with the union or bargain.

All of these moves are a slap in the face and demonstrate the disrespect that management, and the NSW Government, has for Railway workers of all classifications who made sure that the community kept moving through the bushfires, global pandemic, and floods.

It’s now time that we force Sydney and NSW Trains to come to the bargaining table!

Under the Fair Work Act 2009, if a majority of employees want to bargain with their employer for an enterprise agreement, then the Fair Work Commission will force them to do it.

We know that you want to bargain.

Fill in this simple survey so that we can show the Commission that this is the case and force Sydney and NSW Trains to bargain.

If you’re employed by Sydney Trains:

If you’re employed by NSW Trains:

In Solidarity,


Last modified: 19/05/2021