Our Rights Our Fight

17 May 2021

Dear Members,

On Tuesday 11 May, we wrote to members with the urgent update that NSW and Sydney Trains had once again refused to start the bargaining process.

EA Delegates met on Wednesday night and reached consensus very quickly. Delegates are committed to sticking together and bargaining for a fair outcome for every member in NSW Trains and Sydney Trains. 

We have written to management advising of this position.

Your Log of Claims

Members stunningly rejected the NSW Governments attempt to roll over your EA for 0.3% in our first show of collective power in our fight for our rights at work.

Since then, thousands of RTBU members filled out an online survey telling their representatives what is important to them. RTBU Delegates and Officials have been working through these responses and have developed the draft Log of Claims you can find right here.

This is a combined Log of Claims for both Sydney and NSW Trains members reflecting our commitment to stick together.

We have a team of trained elected delegates representing our diverse membership who will be in regular contact with other delegates and members as negotiations progress.

You can find the names of your EA team right here.

If you have any questions or feedback on the Log of Claims  you can contact your EA or local delegate. The EA team will be meeting soon to make any changes and approve the log of claims.

We can force them to the table and soon. 

Thousands of members have now voted in the Majority Support Determination (MSD), but we need even more to get this across the line.

The MSD, for both Sydney and NSW Trains, is a tool that we can use to force management to the table if they continue to try and avoid bargaining with their workforce.

If you work for NSW Trains, add your name by voting yes right here.

If you work for Sydney Trains, add your name by voting yes right here.

Deliberate Trickery  

Management have been using every trick they can muster up to avoid bargaining with their workforce.  First, they tried to force members to accept a delay in bargaining for a measly 0.3% and when this was rejected, reneged on their commitment to respect the outcome of the vote and bargain.

Then, they have the audacity to try and convince members that bargaining separately is better for you. It would be laughable if it were not so serious.

Members have also informed RTBU Officials that management is telling members that it is “illegal” for us to bargain together. This is simply not true. There is no legal barrier to NSW Trains and Sydney Trains negotiating together.  Management have chosen to try and take us down this path.

We are ready to fight for our rights, and with your go ahead will use this log of claims as the basis, for what we fight for.

Three things every member can do right now:

  1. Review the draft Log of Claims and let your Delegates know what you think.
  2. If you have not already added your name to the Majority Support Determination   forNSW Trains and Sydney Trains.
  3. Talk to your workmates about the Log and the MSD. We need to stick together to get the best outcome of every worker at NSW and Sydney Trains.  

In Solidarity,



P.S You can keep up to date on our campaign at www.ourightsourfight.com.au

Last modified: 19/05/2021