we will bargain together

An Action We Have Been Forced To Take

21 June 2021

Dear Members,

Today, after consultation with your EA Delegates, we have filed an application in the Fair Work Commission to hold a Protected Action Ballot (PAB) for Sydney and NSW Trains.

Despite our numerous requests NSW and Sydney Trains have refused to even discuss scope, and have ploughed ahead with their divide and conquer agenda, booking separate meetings at different times and locations.

We have advised Sydney Trains and NSW Trains that this is a threshold issue, and our members have provided us with the mandate to fight to stick together.

At 5pm today we received further correspondence from Sydney Trains reiterating that they want to bargain separately. We have been left with little choice but to take this step.

The first claim in our Log of Claims is that NSW and Sydney Trains include all workers in a single enterprise agreement. It is imminently sensible that rail workers employed by the NSW Government are tied together with the same employment instrument.

If our application for a Protected Action Ballot Order is successful, the Fair Work Commission will direct a vote of all RTBU members at NSW and Sydney Trains with a series of questions about what action you are willing to take. The list of actions was designed in consultation with your EA Delegates.

NSW Trains and Sydney Trains have forced us to take this step in response to their dogged refusal to genuinely consider or acknowledge our scope claim, and their insistence that NSW Trains and Sydney Trains bargain separately. It is a trick taken straight from the Union busting handbook, a trick which members have seen straight through.

When and if the application is successful, we have taken steps to ensure a fast, efficient, and secure vote takes place online to allow the vote and approval of action to occur quickly.

Your details must be up to date with both your Employer and the Union, and the records must match. Please confirm your details are up to date as soon as possible.

We will let you know when we have a date for the Fair Work Commission and will be in touch with details about how you can show NSW and Sydney Trains were serious about sticking together.

In determination,


Issued & authorised by Alex Claassens, Secretary, Rail, Tram and Bus Union – NSW Branch
Level 4, 321 Pitt Street,
Sydney NSW 2000
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Last modified: 22/06/2021