After a year our fight for a Fair Deal will continue


We're campaigning for a better future for all rail workers

Secure Jobs


Fair Wage Increases


Public Sector Rail workers in NSW deserve much better than what the NSW Government are dishing up!  Support the Campaign for Public Sector Rail Workers.



The future of jobs in the NSW Rail Network is a Government responsibility that needs immediate attention.

All RTBU members in NSW must have safety, dignity and a real future with real jobs. It is simply not good enough that the NSW Government continues its agenda to abrogate their responsibility to employees by cost cutting, job reductions and outsourcing.

RTBU Members leading the way


Challenging the NSW State Government over secure future jobs for RTBU Members.

The State Government must guarantee secure ongoing employment across NSW for RTBU members. Anything less is unacceptable!


We refuse to be undervalued.

We will not allow ourselves to be undervalued.  When the State Government required us to remain on the job during Covid we put our personal fears aside and helped the State keep moving. All we ask in return is to be treated fairly and respectfully during these EA negotiations.


Harnessing the Power and Voice of all members.

The RTBU has a long and proud history of ensuring that employers listen to our voices. As far back as 1917 and the General Strike in NSW we have led the way in standing up for workers rights.


Building Our Union to gain power.

Union growth is not only about increasing the number of members within the union. It is about the commitment of those workers to each other, in times of crisis.

It is about members standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with each other to defeat all injustices in the workplace, sharing the load amongst all.